Nursery Covid-19 Cleaning Service

Baby Nursery Sanitisation Services

If you are preparing to bring your newly born child home from the hospital, you should first make sure that the place is tidied up and deep cleaned. No time for that? We know some deliveries can take you by surprise. This is why we have set up an advanced baby room prep cleaning service to cater to your exact needs as a future parent. Get in touch with us and let us assist you with a fully comprehensive nursery room cleaning service. Call now for a free price estimate or schedule a cleaning job with us.


The WR Deep Clean team specialises in the entire array of residential cleaning services and nursery rooms represent one of our specialisations. We can help you deep clean and disinfect your baby room so that it does not pose any health risks for your new child. We only work with environmentally-friendly, non-toxic cleaning supplies and our advanced steam cleaning solutions for upholstery, area rugs and carpeting allow us to keep our cleaning standards up high.

You do not have to hire WR Deep Clean as your regular company to get protected from harmful contagions. You can purchase a Covid-19 deep clean as a one-time service. Call us today and schedule a no cost – no obligation quote. 01282 789367 or 07977 732495