“My Mum is disabled and very vulnerable as she has advanced dementia. When servicing the boiler in her garage, the British Gas engineer was concerned that the ceiling was constructed from materials that appeared to include asbestos, and observed that it was in a poor state of repair. After contacting the Environment Agency and Local Authority I found that WR Asbestos Services came highly recommended and contacted them. Wayne answered immediately and agreed to come to examine the ceiling within a couple of days (although at some distance), which was extremely helpful and a great relief, as having spoken to him I felt immediately we were in safe, expert hands.


On his arrival and after a cursory look followed by a detailed inspection of the garage ceiling, he said straight away that it was concrete and not asbestos. At our request – since because British Gas had raised the issue and we knew we now had a duty of care to anyone entering the garage – I requested that Wayne take samples for testing so that we might have a certificate to demonstrate that we were “asbestos clear”, Wayne took samples and a few days later emailed the precious certificate from an independent certified laboratory.


Of course, we were very lucky that the ceiling did NOT contain asbestos. However, if it had done, I would have had full confidence in Wayne’s expertise, professionalism and honesty to act on whatever advice he gave for its removal. A definite bonus is that Wayne is someone with a clear generosity of spirit who felt utterly trustworthy, as well as being very thorough and professional. He also kept us informed throughout and all calls, texts and emails were answered immediately.


Less than a week later, all is resolved and I cannot recommend WR Asbestos Services strongly enough.”


– Mrs M M

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